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Ekurhuleni Development Company is pleased to provide management services at Pharoe Park Housing Company, Delville Housing Company and Airport Park Housing Company. Your candid comments in our tenant satisfaction survey will help us better understand your needs and identify areas requiring attention.

Please rate us on a scale:

Completely Satisfied- 4 Mostly satisfied- 3 Partly Satisfied- 2 Not satisfied- 1 No Opinion- 0
Select which building you are in:
Pharoe Park Housing Company Delville Housing Company Airport Park Housing Company

With regard to the appearance and condition of the building, how satisfied are you with:
Visual appearance of the building Rate
Overall condition of the building Rate
Cleanliness of the building exterior Rate 
Exterior signage Rate 
Building directory /Unit no's visibility Rate 
Maintenance of common areas Rate 
Landscaping Rate 
Cleanliness of parking areas Exterior lighting Rate 
Interior building common area / Lobby lighting Rate 
Lighting of parking areas Rate 
Stairs cleanliness Rate 
Mail box area Rate 

How satisfied are you with the Property manager / Housing supervisor/Tenant liaison officers with regards to:

Ease of contacting when questions or problems arise Rate
Follow up after problems are reported to be sure they have been resolved Rate
Courtesy and respect with which you are treated Rate 
Ability to do what is required to keep you satisfied Rate 
Frequency of contact and communications Rate 
Willingness to respond to your needs Rate 
Clarity of communication with you Rate 
Overall quality and service you are receiving Rate 
Turnaround time ( time between reporting the problem and fixing of the problem) Rate 
Timeliness, accuracy and quality of rent invoices Rate 
Relationship with Property Manager Rate 

How satisfied are you with the Health and Safety plan of the Ekurhuleni Development Company:
How would you rate the safety of the play areas Rate
How would you rate the EDC in addressing safety issues in the complexes Rate
How would you rate the EDC in its efforts to sustain community support facilities ( Drug alcohol abuse, domestic violence, Debt counseling etc) Rate 
Assisting tenants in health issues in the neighborhood Rate 

How satisfied are you with the quality of the frontline staff: (telephonic and personally):
Telephone answered promptly ( 3 rings) Rate
Courtesy and respect with which you are treated Rate
Transfer to relevant dept / official efficiently Rate 
Waiting time in reception area (Not more than 15 minutes) Rate 
Reception area clean and tidy Rate 

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